Melissa Raven Star, Medium/Psychic

Shamanic Practitioner,Energetic healer, several healing modalities used. I pull/cut cords and attachments, sense holes, tears and hooks wwwand repair the aura. I work with all forms of light beings. I am told many things to help the client with their current situation, cause of illness, past lives brought forth, help with life situations, etc.





Melissa Raven Star has the following abilities, gifts from God for all those who seek:

  • Psychic/Medium
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Energetic healer, several modalities
  • Body Scanning for illness or misplaced energies
  • Cellular Release Therapy
  • Past/Present Attachment Removal
  • Reiki Master/Teacher

Contact Me

Phone: 970-467-1614

Facebook: Nevaeh allos m wood