Sanchin Karate

Sanchin  is the name of a Japanese karate self-defense form (kata) that means to strengthen and unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Sanchin Karate Mission

Through our comprehensive program (using traditional Japanese karate, ancientOkinawa weapons, character development, fitness, health, and nutrition, as well as motor development), we aim to do just that: Strebgthen and unify the mind, body, and spirit of each of our students.

This will be fun, and yet, powerful learning experience that will not only positively effect out students now, but have a profound effect that will carry them throughout their lives.

Besides strengthening the mind, body and spirit we are learning self-discipline, perseverance and the knowledge of self-defense.

Sanchin Karate offers:

  • Adult Classes
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Family lessons
  • Kids Lessons

No Contracts!


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