So many patients come into the office in the winter with sore backs after shoveling.  One of the most important things you can do to help prevent this is to warm up first.

It doesn’t have to be anything long or elaborate.  Marching in place while briskly pumping your arms works very well to not only warm up all of your muscles, but also to elevate your heart rate.  You never want to put your boots on and head right out into the cold without a proper warm up.

Secondly, remember, snow is heavy!  Use the same techniques that you would if you were lifting a heavy box.  Lift with your legs and avoid bending at the waist.

Also, when you “throw the snow”, do so head on; never twist!

Finally, use a shovel with a bent handle to help you maintain proper ergonomics.  I especially like the one pictured here.  The extra handle on the front helps with leverage to lift that heavy snow.