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Jeff Poncar, Licensed Massage Therapist

ProDynamics Sports and Therapeutic Massage, LLC


My name is Jeff Poncar, Licensed Massage Therapist. I am passionate about my work and strive to give my clients the best possible experience as I can. My specialties are sports massage and deep tissue massage. But, I am also skilled in Swedish/relaxation, pre/post natal, cupping and, neuromuscular therapy/medical massage. My massage therapy education is from Colorado School of Healing Arts (graduated 2002) where I was an instructor for 5 years. My cupping therapy training is from The International Cupping Therapy Association (2018). I enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle that includes: yoga, cycling, hiking, skiing and, almost daily workouts. This lifestyle helps me connect with my clients and gives me the strength, skills and endurance to be the best massage therapist I can be.


Over my 16+ years experience as a massage therapist, I have worked with thousands of different clients with many different needs. As far as athletes go, I have had experience working with cyclists, marathon runners, swimmers, golfers, triathletes, lacrosse players, football players, soccer players, gymnasts, figure skaters and, many others. I provide what I like to call: “results oriented” sports and therapeutic massage where my goal is to make rapid and noticeable changes in my clients bodies and minds.