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Kara Morris, LMT-Biofield Therapy

Massage Thrapist, Biofield Therapy, Healing Touch

Media. Social Media. Rush-hour traffic. An overly-booked calendar. On a daily basis our physical and energetic bodies are inundated with stressful situations, which can result in our feeling fatigue, anxiety, and reduced vitality. Biofield Therapy and Massage Therapy can help clear congestion from your body and your energy field, allowing you to feel relaxed, energized, and balanced.


I have been happy to call Colorado my home for 30 years. During that time, I have grown and experienced many changes, both personally and professionally. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After graduation, I pursued a long and exciting career in mortgage banking. I worked from the wee early hours of the morning until the late hours of the evening, not realizing I was becoming burned out, exhausted, and depleted. And then life, as it is known to do, threw me a few curve balls that inspired me to reconsider my life path and my soul’s passion.

I discovered the benefits of a consistent yoga and meditation practice, and was gifted with the clarity from my inner wisdom that my time to step into being of service to others had arrived. In 2016 I enrolled in, and completed, the 700 hour program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts to become a licensed massage therapist. I have also completed the required coursework through level 4 of the Healing Touch program, and am currently an apprentice (HTP-A), completing the requirements for becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner


Healing means many different things to different people depending on a wide variety of circumstances. It can mean recovering from an illness, attaining greater mental, emotional, and physical health, learning how to thrive in a work environment that does not align with your soul’s passion, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, and finding the peace needed to comfortably transition through end of life.

I believe in whole-being care, and that people are much more than a health condition or diagnosis. The Healing Touch (Biofield Therapy) and Massage Therapy services offered in my practice are intended to clear, balance, and energize your whole system to promote your vitality and well-being, and are a valuable and beneficial part of any wellness program. I am grateful to be in your service on your wellness journey

"I believe in whole-being care, and that people are much more than a health condition or diagnosis."