CLN-Plus (T)

Support fot the large intestine.

1 oz $21.60
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Use as part of the diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Herbs, minerals, and vitamins (especially the natural B vitamins from primary yeast) are vital to carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium functions as part of the body's glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which serves to enhance normal insulin sensitivity.

90 $26.40
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A-D-D (HO)

Water-based sublingual Spray. Attention Spray. Homeopathic

1 oz $36.80
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Adreno-Lyph 80

Provides high-quality, concentrated adrenal glandular to support this maror energy-producing gland.

100 $22.40
Large: $8 each or 2 for $15
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Provides high concentration adrenal gladular to support this major energy-producing gland.

60 $21.60
120 $28.00
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Adrenal for the Parasympathetic body. Not everyone is alike. This high potency formula supports the individual parasymathetic body types.

60 $31.20
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Adrenal with synergisitc support. High quality, concentrated adrenal gladular support is boosted by pituitary and parotid glandulars, along iwth th evitamins, minerals, and amino acids that synergistically contribute to the healthy maintenance of these tissues.

60 $40.00
120 $63.20
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Adrenal for the Sympathetic Body Type. This formula supports the individual sympathetic body types.

60 $28.00
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Adreno Plus (T)

Support for the adrenal system during both hypo- and hyper-adrenal periods. Promotes synergy within the endocrine system and supports the body during times of stress or fatigue.

1 oz $21.60
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Allerhale (HO)

Homeopathic allergy support.

1 oz $31.20
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Amino All

Natural hydrolyzed protein amino acids from bovine hyaline, elastin and fibrocartilage. Contains naturally occurring chondroitin sulfate. A comprehensive line up of amino acids from natural hydrolyzed protein provides the building blocks for many of the body's essential tissues, such as enzymes, hormones, antibodies, blood clotting factors, and muscle. Some may choose this supplement to increase the protein to carbohydrate ratio in a meal, aiding in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Protein elicits glucagon secretion (the opposing hormone to insulin), which funcions in times of low blood sugar to contribute to sugar homeostasis.

240 $41.60
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Anxiety relief

1 oz $31.20
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Supports normal uric acid levels

60 $30.40
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90 $20.00
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Magnesium is involved in over 200 biochemical reactions as chelated with aspartate for easy transport across cell membranes.

90 $22.40
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A good choice for those wishing to supplement with higher amounts of magnesium and a higher Mg/Ca ratio than usually found. Contains a balance of synergistic minerals.

90 $24.80
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#4 B-P (H)

Herbal combination to support the healthy maintenance of blood vessel tone.

100 $28.00
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Bactoflam (HO)

Homeopathic inflammaiton support

1 oz. 30.40
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I have been going to Dr. Dodge for almost ten years. She has helped minimize the frequency of my migraines and was a life saver during my pregnancy! Her adjustments during my breech pregnancy helped keep me active and kept the back pain to a minimum. She has been adjusting my son since he was a few days old and has helped us through constipation, nursing strikes, and stuffy noses. We both feel so much happier and healthy after a visit to Dr. Dodge!

Sara Keller, Patient

Love Doctor Kelli Dodge! Patient, kind & funny to boot.
Passionate about her career and truly cares about your health.
I’ve been seeing her for over a year. I was recently rear-ended in an auto accident, and she has done everything possible to help me be well & heal well. Staff is also friendly. Appointments are easy to make, and if you drop-in they can usually take you. I will stay loyal to Dr. Dodge.

Kacie DeJesus, Patient

Doc Kelli is great! She is so sweet and the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen!

Christie Diane, Patient

Dr. Kelli Dodge is my lifesaver. I have struggled with back pain for a long time. She has not only given me relief but has and continues to be a guiding light to better health, fitness and most of all a better me. Dr. Dodge is truly passionate about what she does. She has been and continues to be blessing to my family. We are lucky to have her as part of our community.

Shannon Adler-Chavez, Patient

Kelli outdoes herself. She is a great chiropractor and is striving to make her practice all about wellness. I love the fitness classes she holds at her facility as well, they encompass fun and a hard workout.

Heather Ponda Freeman, Patient

Kelli is beyond amazing. You walk in feeling like a Mack truck just ran over everybody part and you walk out feeling this incredible sense of awe that your body could actually be put back together again. She honestly is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had and I’ve had many. Thank you Kelly and your staff for always making me feel very welcome and very comfortable. She also listens to what you have to say and it answers all of your questions thoroughly . Love you!

Shannon Rhodes, Patient

Dr. Dodge is the best. I have a lot of injuries and before seeing Dr. Dodge I hurt so much more. I highly recommend her and her clinic as they really care!

Jim Hughes, Patient

I have been getting adjusted by Kelli since she started in Aurora. She is great! She listens to you, she cares about you, she wants to help you. She has helped my kids with ear problems and athletic injuries. My husband and I just did the Tough Mudder with her and her husband…..she may look small, but she is a super athlete!

Laurie Saff Franson, Patient

Dr Dodge’s prenatal adjustments are a life saver. She is wonderful and I’m so glad I found her!

Shelby hamilton, Patient
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